Bill can’t find the document he’s looking for on the Intranet. Clearly it isn’t visible enough, so let’s add it to the home page for everyone to find it.

Someone told us he couldn’t find the contact button on the site. Let’s make the button bigger, change its color and add an additional link to the sidebar.

We don’t generate enough sales of that product. Let’s add a banner everywhere on the site promoting it.

Can you believe that feature was left out from the app? It has to be squeezed in the next release.

It’s OK to listen to these voices, but the danger is to think that because one of them is louder, it necessarily deserves more attention. Or that it’s even a statistically significant representation of the silent majority.

While some projects fail at simplicity right from the start, most really fail at keeping it simple. Keeping as in remaining simple over time, way after the project has launched.